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CEO Memory Share

"A raft needed to cross the river is discarded when the other shore is reached." - Buddha
Intro to the CEO Memory Share Tool

According to a 2008 Harvard Study, the brain operates 31% better when we feel good about ourselves. If you give that statement a little room to breathe, it can also then seem important to have tools that help us to feel good about ourselves during difficult discussions, as well as the easy and fun conversations. The CEO Memory Share is a tool for uplifting the quality of feeling good about ourselves and our experience of what thriving can feel like, both in normal every day conversation but also in conflict navigation processes, restorative justice circles, business meetings, and some of the more difficult one on one interactions. This tool can help us to understand the importance of feeling supportive and replenished in all situations. The core of the CEO Memory Share Tool is to simply share a memory where you felt both centered and exhilarated at the same time. This is because when we feel both centered and exhilarated at the same time, we are stabilizing the parietal ridge, so that the occipital regions of the brain can join in the experience, supporting whole-brain participation. This is where feeling good about ourselves is actually allowing the brain to operate 31% better. Even if we are only feeling calm and curious, we are still on the spectrums of emotions of centered and exhilarated, and so we are still stimulating that whole brain experience, as you can see, depicted in this diagram:

In the early stages of practicing CEO Dialogue, the focus is placed on the CEO Memory Share Tool as experience in group practice. This is because of the importance of having a container present that can help guide the new practitioners to their own unique centered and exhilarated state. Once the practioner gets the hang of it, it's like a light bulb goes on inside their head about all the ways this tool can actually be used. This tool is not only useful for helping us to feel better about ourselves, but it is very convenient and can be used almost anywhere , from dinner with your family to meeting a stranger at a bus stop. Once the principles of this tool are understood, it is no longer needed and the practitioner can move on to the next level of practice tools. It can be said that it is after you no longer need to use the CEO Memory Share tool that the practice of CEO Dialogue truly begins, guiding ourselves on the path of our own inner light. That is why the Buddha's quote is so important here: "A raft needed to cross the river is discarded when the other shore is reached." But in order to get to that place we all must start somewhere. For early practioners,

Bringing the CEO Memory Share Tool to Group Practice

We like to refer to the CEO Memory Share Round as the first Orbit, because it allows participants to bring the CEO experience into conversation in a reliable way, possibly for the first time in their life. This can be thought of as similar to the white belt in karate, when it feels like a group of new students who are curious and eager but don’t know where to begin. You’ll want to stoke the solar fires of the CEO experience to burn as brightly as possible and Orbit 1 is closest to the sun, so to speak. This can be done by giving each participant 4 minutes to share a recent memory where the felt both centered and exhilarated at the same time; the more recent the memory the better. The CEO Memory Share Round has three important aspects to it:

  1. Anyone who wants to share gets 4 minutes, although time can very with group size. The share is best if it is a memory from their recent or past experiences where they felt both centered and exhilarated at the same time. The more recent the more vivid the feelings will be in the person relating their memory. This revisiting of a centered and exhilarated memory brings the CEO state present and becomes the start of practice for new practitioners. 
  2. Remind the group this is a game that is meant to be fun and playful and they don’t need to have a memory in order to play: they can simply receive by listening to others’ shares. In this way you can remind each member before they start by asking “would you like to be a giver and share a story, or a receiver and listen? Both are important.” 
  3. As soon as each person shares their story, ask if they would like to be asked the 4 follow-up questions, to which they can choose to accept or decline each question. This is really important for building the exhilarated qualities of saying “no” to things just for fun. If they accept, these questions help meta-process that memories can bring forward the CEO experience.  
    1. What part of that memory felt centering to you?
    2. What part of that memory felt exhilarating to you?
    3. What part of you feels centered right now, now that you’ve shared that memory?
    4. What part of you feels exhilarated right now, now that you’ve shared that memory?

The focus of the facilitator here is to let the group experience the feelings of CEO that emerge, as each person feels centered and exhilarated. The orbit grows wider the more we let the feelings snowball, so if you want to experience this aspect, it is important to request that all cross-talk wait until after the full round and everyone has had a turn. It can help to have a stopwatch counting to 4 minutes for any members that are afraid they might talk too long. Most people do not want to over-talk but are not skilled at stopping talking and could easily talk for 20 minutes and we have found the stopwatch helps them to feel more relaxed and playful with the experience.

For a more in depth understanding about how this tool works, you can download the book for free (links: PDF or Google Docs) or visit for more up to date information.

Adventures at Beloved Festival with The Way of Vibrantly

Adventures at Beloved Festival with The Way of Vibrantly

By: River Soulshine

I love love love giving Centered and Exhilarated Dialogue workshops at Beloved! The Beloved Festival is a Bhakti Yoga festival in Tidewater, OR, focused on art and music that honors the divine in all of us. These lands are ancestral to the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians as well as the confederated Tribes of Siletz. With the opening and closing ceremonies, we honor these tribes and their land.

We set up our camp, the Mystic Hearth, right next to the Oasis, where festival-goers would come to bathe. As they waited in line, they could see the signs for daily workshops at our camp, as well as thumb through the CEO Dialogue books I had laid out. 

This was a beautiful location to host workshops, with the sun setting in the orange sky in the distance and the light distilling through the trees. Not only did I sell out of all my books, I ended up giving five more workshops, in addition to the daily workshops I had originally anticipated. It was so wonderful to see all the enthusiasm and to help my fellow budding thrivens. 

We had tea ceremony, blueberry pancakes, story-telling around the Mystic Hearth fires, we howled and opened our wild hearts, and engaged in nourishing dialogue and shares of our journeys and paths. 

My favorite part though was the CEO Dialogue Workshops. This practice is referred to as CEO Dialogue because the C stands for Centered, the E stands for Exhilarated, and the O stands for the experience that arises in the circle of people, meeting together to share in connection with each other. This practice is based on the idea that the brain operates better when we feel good about ourselves (31% better, according to a 2008 Harvard study). That is why it’s important to have conflict navigation processes, restorative justice circles, business meetings, and one on one interactions that feel supportive and replenishing without feeling draining. I have made all my resources available for free download at My hope is to empower as many communities as possible with these tools, to help us all move towards a gift economy, where we respect and honor the gifts that we each are, in our individual magic. 

Greetings and love to all! May your journeys nourish you and your connections with each other and with nature bloom!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Connecting with Nature through Forest Bathing & Wild Tea Ceremony

Enter into the beautiful forest that is all around you in a way you never have before with Forest Bathing, drawing from the Japanese Tradition of Shinrin Yoku. This practice is about taking time to slow down and connect with yourself and nature in a way most people don’t take the time to do. 
In forest bathing, we receive the nourishing, healing and restoring energies of the forest and learn to connect with the more than human world. 
This is a very simple practice and an ancient one too. Although Shinrinyoku has only been practiced in Japan formally since the 80's people have been taking sacred walks in forests for thousands of years. After the benefits of the practice, such as reduced blood pressure, increased feelings of wellbeing and general experiences of relaxation, "forest bathing" as it was newly termed was popularized as an alternative medical practice.  
As a practice, one can do it on their own, or sign-up to join a group forest walk with a guide. During a guided practice you will be led through various prompts for engaging with yourself and the forest. 

Here are some simple steps you can try on your own for a more intentional experience in nature:
1) Pick a point in the path that will be a threshold for you to pass through. Before passing through the threshold, set an intention for what you would like to receive (or offer!) on this journey.
2) Walk quietly and slowly through the forest, allowing your gaze to gently rest upon all beings you encounter (try to walk as slowly as a turtle entering into what M. Amos Clifford calls, "tree time". 
3) Take a moment to notice your thoughts as you are having this experience. Invite mindfulness of your body and mind as you walk the path.
4) Enter into a relationship with the forest in some way! (for about 15 minutes) Take off your shoes, smell the earth, try to remember how you use to play for hours if you grew up with access to nature, what was it you used to do? 
5) Find a quiet spot to sit for about 20 minutes and simply observe. Engage with your senses and allow yourself to hear...everything! What are you seeing, smelling, hearing, noticing? (You can bring a journal and sketch what you find as well)
6) Enjoy a cup of tea! This might not be as easy if you are on your own, but if you can create a moment to reflect and enjoy a cup of tea in the forest, it is unlike any experience you have ever had. The tranquility of sipping tea in the forest is amazing. 
7) Lastly, upon your return, find the same threshold you passed as you entered the forest. Take a moment to pause, and reflect how the journey was for you. Perhaps stand for a moment with your eyes closed and bring your gaze within just for a moment inviting in gratitude to close your journey and give thanks to the forest
... and then cross the threshold to return! 
For more information about forest bathing you can read any number of books on the subject including:

Wildly Vibrant Permaculture & Ancestral School is offering Urban Forest Bathing and Wild Tea Ceremony in the Seattle area. For more information about their offering or to schedule a guided Forest Bathing experience visit here:
You can find a Forest Bathing Guide via The Nature and Forest Therapy Organization here:


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

CEO Dialogue at Expansion

When I was asked to give a workshop on Centered and Exhilarated Dialogue at Expansion Festival, I jumped at the chance. Expansion Festival is a local Cascadian movement toward increasing the connections in our local communities and empowering those communities with social tools in order to keep expanding. The festival takes place in the beautiful green fields and forests of Duvall, WA, home to the Snoqualmie people and other ancestral Tulalip Native American tribes. 

I set up my workshops materials at the River temple, right behind a hedge of bushes that opens up to a clearing with a beautiful vista of the Snoqualmie River. As travelers would walk past to say hello to the river, they would see my vinyl hangings and posters and ask about my workshop. Some would sit and stay for the full hour, as we discussed the ins and outs of bringing Centered and Exhilarated Dialogue to the various aspects of our daily lives, such as our home life, or the workplace. 

In the workplace, I like to refer to this practice as CEO Dialogue, where the C stands for Centered, the E stands for Exhilarated, and the O is the experience that arises in the circle of people, meeting together to share in connection with each other. This practice is based on the idea that the brain operates better when we feel good about ourselves (31% better, according to a 2008 Harvard study). That is why it’s important to have conflict navigation processes, restorative justice circles, business meetings, and one on one interactions that feel supportive and replenishing without feeling draining. I have made all my resources available for free download at My hope is to empower as many communities as possible with these tools, to help us all move towards a gift economy, where we respect and honor the gifts that we each are, in our individual magic. 

Greetings and love to all! May your journeys nourish you and your connections with nature bloom!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Weaving Our Hearts, Weaving Our Lives

Weaving our Hearts

Weaving our Lives 
at Spirit Weavers Ancestral Skills Gathering

by Miku Lenentine

We are AWAKENING into the full moon of the
Crystal Rabbit of Universalization, and Cooperation.

We are becoming Kin again
weaving our way back together into the one world tree,
the universal tapestry.

Spirit Weavers is a nearly 800 person, all women's, ancestral skills gathering that takes place in Cave Junction, Oregon (Takelma Territory) each year near the Summer Solstice.

It is a gathering place for women from all over the world, in all walks of life, all returning to re-learn, share and teach in the great remembering of the Old Way(s) of being with the land, and with each other. Even though we can't go back in time, something very special happens when we come together.

It is as if an ancient knowingness returns. Old threads of forgotten memories of how to be, stored deep in our somatic awareness and genomic memory come alive within us.

Just as Stargazer Li, teaches, the one constellation people can universally recognize is the Big Dipper. Always. This is because we have twenty-five thousand years of navigating by the sky. We just somehow know this.

When we gather around the fire, there is the same knowingness. When we sit by the fire, it is the time of stories, of song, of sharing...glowing connection in the darkness. We return to an instinctive state that 1 million years of tending fire has taught us. It is part of who we are.

When women gather, something similar happens. It is magical.
First, there was one woman swaying with the
beautiful music of drumming and flute.

Then there were two.
And finally, a third, the triple goddess. 

Three women gathered swaying and dancing, hearts toward each other
The music drumming
It is like a CALLING IN

A siren call to sisters, to awaken. The original call, not to doom others,
but the call to AWAKEN to gather


Awaken Goddess. Three are singing, three are is time to join.
And then there are by one, women streaming out of the fields,
and the woods leaving their baskets to join the dance.

This is so very natural, wild, free.

This is what happens when we gather

We sing and share stories as we weave our baskets
We laugh awkwardly at first
Throats rusty, not quite knowing what to do
But, there is a knowing, a calling
to Join

At Spirit Weavers, we are relearning and remembering how to be
in a village together. Coming into the universalizing force of the call to cooperate
and begin to remember how to move as ONE
in a way that Women still remember how to do.

We are coming with crushed hearts, aching wombs, sickness, and forgotten dreams
We have been stomped on and shut down
and we have so much Grief! for this shutting down, this forgetting.

We have forgotten who we are
But the lineage is not lost, it is just forgotten

and it is here we can remember together again.

It is not always easy,
it is not without challenges as so many of us our hurting and wounded,
in trauma, depression, rightful rage and earned despair.

We can't do it exactly as before
800 people in a village is a lot!

And yet,
we are doing it.
We are here.

We are gathering.

We are weaving our hearts together to heal
the wounds we cannot heal alone.

Healing our hearts together
and weaving our lives together
again in remembrance...

We are weaving

the dark and light threads
as we
journey through.

So many blessings and much gratitude for the vision keepers of Spirit Weavers.
Thank you Mea and thank you Sisters!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

:: Beltane Solar Cycle 2019 :: 道Vibrantly Seasonal Newsletter #007 ::

Greetings, The Way of Vibrantly Dear Ones!

~ Beltane ~
:: Solar Cycle 2019 :.

道Vibrantly Seasonal Newsletter #007
:: Return, Return, We Turn :.
:: Summer's Rustling, Ripening, Growth! :.



~ Mantras of the Turn ~

"Awakening to the Light,
We are Beings Blossoming Bright "

"Yes to Life!
I am the one I have been waiting for"


Social Tools, Tips, and Tricks for 

Beltane's Blossoming

Choosing to Consciously Create a Container for your Gatherings

One of the most important things to know in running effective meetings, and having inspiring, nourishing and replenishing gatherings is that you can choose and be conscious about the type of "container" you are creating.

It is such an important vocabulary word for co-creating, yet many of us don't think about it. What kind of gathering do you want to create? What is the right "container" for the goals of your gathering?

In Starhawk's 5 Fold Path for Highly Effective Meetings
"Right Container" is among the top 5 elements to consider.

In the Way of Vibrantly we support creating a container that is inspiring, nourishing and replenishing and as long as we are all in agreement around that, most anything goes! Except....

...When we are actually trying to accomplish tasks
...We need to make accommodations for new members
...When we need to take time for emotional connecting
...When we need to make sure we share a meal

In Fact! It turns out, it is really important to be clear about the specifics of container well in advance of the event, unless you are operating at a very high cohesiveness as a team (teaser here for our next article on levels of team interdependence).

So, next time you are planning your team gathering, take some time to be very detailed about what kind of container you are creating, weather it is a gathering supporting bonding, fact sharing, productivity time, informal brainstorming etc., and what kind of physical elements support that as well as what type of facilitation styles supports that? Do you need a printed agenda for this type of gathering? Should there be music, fire and story? Do you need to open with ceremony?

Getting clear about what shape, what container you are creating and matching the purpose to your vision will help create the most optimal experience for all! Happy gathering dear ones! May you have an amazing time together in the way you are most hoping to experience.



Upcoming Events!

Litha Seasonal Community
Wheel Gathering, Fire, Feast and Celebration!

Seattle, WA

Save the Date for July!
(Free Community Event. All Welcome!)

Details coming soon!
Email us if you would like to be the host house / community for Litha!

The Way of Vibrantly at Spirit Weavers &
Tending the Sacred Hearth Fires

Cave Junction, OR

Find us at Spirit Weavers Ancestral Skills Gathering This Year!
Sacred hearth fires have been burning for thousands and thousands of years. Fire, food, hearth. Forest, water, life. We are deeply connected to the land, the elements. All of these things are sacred. And in the ritual of tending the sacred hearth fire and creating our food, we have the great honor of practicing gratitude and blessings for these Beings over and over again. We are all connected in a circle of life which we serve and tend in reciprocity.
Creating a container for honoring and taking pause before meals is one of the simplest things we can do to slow down and remember the sacred in our everyday experience and connect to these elements. At this workshop we will be teaching 3 simple offerings anyone can do to create a container of respect, honoring and cherishing for all life and all beings.
Three Simple Teachings for tending the Sacred Hearth:
· Share a food blessing and song
· Acknowledge and connect to place, First Peoples and All Beings
· Create an offering from your Ancestral tradition (smoke, tobacco, plate of food etc.)

Daemion and Miku will be Offering Workshops with The Way of Vibrantly at Spirit Weavers before every meal of the gathering!

Learn more about our offering and Spirit Weavers here.


Compassionate Conversations &
Tea Meetup is BACK!

Green Lake, WA

Sundays from 1-3PM
@Wayward Coffee - Seattle, WA

(Free Community Meetup. All Welcome!)

Email us at for more info
or join our Meetup Group Here: 

We will be meeting to discuss all things compassionate in conversation including Non-Violent Communication, Compassionate Dialogue, CEO Dialogue and the *NEW* Compassionate Conversations for Couples!

Past Vibrantly Happenings


Global Earth Repair Conference
Port Townsend, WA

The Way of Vibrantly was at the Global Earth Repair Conference this year in Port Townsend hosting the Mountain Song Wellness Temple, Safe Space and First Aide area as well as offering morning Earth and Sky Yoga!

Thank you for all the Vibrantly humans who helped including Damion, Robyn, River, Joe, Daniel and Miku!

Mountain Song Wellness Temple
Offering a space for:

Deep Safety

Write us if you would like us to bring this to your gathering or event!

Calling in Special Gratitude for our Elders and Traditional Medicine Keepers! Who attended GERC. What an incredible convergence of people. So much gratitude for you all! Click Here for a LINK to the Youtube Channel from the Conference and Here for upcoming Podcast Recordings of the panel discussions presented by Muse Ecology Podcast

Grandmother Agnes and Grandmother Rita of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Beltane Seasonal Wheel Gathering,
Feast & Celebration

Green Lake, WA

Ah, how the seasons turn. We had a beautiful gathering at the lake celebrating Beltane and also Miku's Birthday! What a sweet tradition as we come together once a year beginning to connect with this place and each-other ever more deeply for this new Vibrantly and Soulshine Community Tradition.

Special Thanks to Loc for hosting the Acrojam, and Mike for bringing his gong!
Thank you River, Daniel, Jordan, Rob, Miku, Megan and Kelsey for help with set up and take down! And thank you all who came!

Mythic Village Ecstatic Dance @ OmCulture
Seattle, WA

The theme for the dance was Weaving the Grandmother's Dream. We had an amazing night in the Mythic Village dancing the Grandmothers Dream at @omcultureseattle in Wallingford.

Thank you to our amazing live artists @lauradianecameron,Trip Viaje and Daemion for your work. And thank you @daniroberto1984 for your bodywork, @riversoulshine for pouring tea 🍵 and sooooo many others who made this possible. 🦋🙏🏽🌷🐾🌿🌅

So excited for more of this Mythic Village, Dream Dancing Rising energies to continue as we collaborate and co-create music, art, and movement exploring what it means to live in harmony with each other once more as a village.

And BIG huge thank you of course to Tanner James for making this all possible!

Daemion in mid-creation and manifestation!

<<Art by Damion>>

Love to you all, beautiful Kitty Bunnies Amazing Human Creatures! 

- Jordan, Miku & The 道 Vibrantly Team


The 道 Vibrantly Team
Ancient | Inspired | Authentic | Wild | Primal
道 Vibrantly - The Way of Vibrantly
Green Lake
Seattle, WA 98115
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#206.403.8134 | FB:
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CEO Memory Share

"A raft needed to cross the river is discarded when the other shore is reached." - Buddha Intro to the CEO Memory Share Tool ...