Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beltane 2018 Seasonal Greeting!

Greetings, Kitty Bunnies!
~ Beltane ~
:: Spring | Blossom | Radiance :: Return | Return | We Turn ::

~ Mantras of the Turn ~

"Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful, I Am"

"I trust my inner wisdom, I am the one who knows"


Beltane...the time of the year when the Earth is literally buzzing with renewal. Life springs forth in all of its richness; the land is covered with beautiful flowers, the freshly opened leaves have a quality of green that only shows during this season.

It is the time of year for celebrating life and all the pleasures of being alive! It is the time to acknowledge & honor the fertility inherent in all life.

Three Vibrantly Gifts of
Beltane & Blossoming


A Quote - 

''Call me by my True Name. Call me by my True Name. So that I can wake up the doors of compassion.''

- Thich Nhat Hanh

A Song -

"Stars" (Click!)

Shared at Social Forestry Camp and Beyond into Mystic Hearth by Elena, then Miku
(link above opens Drop Box player in a new window)


Story - 

''When she came from the waiting house she was a woman hit by lightning, a woman struck by wonder, a woman shaken with power, a woman filled with love.

She walked from the waiting house with a look on her face more potent than magic. Seeds of life glittered in her hair. She smiled and sang a song that told of love that knew no bounds, of love that demanded nothing and expected nothing but fulfilled everything."

- Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copperwoman  -  The Story of Tem Eyos Ki



Upcoming Events!

Litha Summer Solstice Community Event

Come be Cute Together! It's Litha and the accumulation of this year's abundance, ripeness, and fruitfulness! The Goddess Earth and Father Sun are in their most full expression of life.

We will have aerial silks set up, acro yoga, body movement dance and play, BBQ, tea pouring, drum circle and song share around a bonfire in the soft sands of Golden Gardens Beach. Honor yourself and your connection with life at the candlelit altar in the evening. All are welcome!

Please RSVP via the Facebook Page for the event here:
or email us for more info. Let us know if you will be bringing little ones.

You can also find more info via our Meet Up page is you prefer not to use Facebook:


Weekly Practice Schedule at Green Lake

Link To GPS Location:
9:30 am – 道Vibrantly Community Yoga
11:00 am – Compassionate Movement & Dialogue Practice

Announcements & Past Happenings:

What fun for Beltane! We met for Miku's Birthday and Beltane celebration at Green Lake. Sooooo amazing. Such incredible people and incredible energy.

Thank you for everyone who participated and helped!

Once again we had fire, friends, music, story and even ritual. Bringing back the Mystic Hearth wherever we go.

Gathering in the old way, with bright hearts and shining eyes.

Can't wait for Litha!
See you all again soon. 

Last big update and announcement is that we have a new MeetUp Site for people not FaceBook inclined!! You can find us here:

Also, we have entered the Social Media Threshold and now have a Twitter account and Instagram if you like such things, find us here:

Twitter -
Instagram -


May you have a beautiful Beltane Season and Bountiful Blossoming Time!
Talk with you again soon as the wheel turns toward Litha in June.

Love to you all, beautiful Kitty Bunnies! 

- Miku, Jordan & The 道 Vibrantly Team


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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

J is for Jade Guardian

is for Jade Guardian

We are skipping over to ~J~ today because it is one of our most beloved letters, symbolizing the beautiful nurturing essence of our Jade Guardian Kuan Yin Goddess energy.

This week's concept is Jade Guardian. 

You deserve love. You deserve to be loved in the way you wish to receive love. With each step down this path your understanding of what it means to be loved, receive love, love yourself, and love others both expands and deepens. 

The Jade Guardian archetype is associated with Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Opening up this aspect of your heart is a deeply vulnerable act. One of the most courageous things you may ever do is love yourself and accept yourself. As safety arises, there is no other path but love. You do not have to do anything except begin to receive, begin to soften your heart.  When safety is present, we can begin to experience this opening. It is natural, acting in accordance with nature.  

As safety arises, there is no other path but love.

Self-love is seen in many forms. Self-compassion, self-care, and self-love are all part of the spectrum of the nurturing Jade Guardian.  Some of us may have long been virtuosos at the Jade Guardian archetype as far back as we can remember. Could this be you? Do you have a wide variety of self-care practices that you can list off and easily access? Are you naturally talented at restoring yourself to a deep state of nourishment? Do you give yourself treats? Bubble baths? A special yoga class or really excellent cup of coffee sometimes? These are all examples of you nourishing yourself. Even as we give our gift to ourselves, we end up offering our love as gift to the world. What a joy it is to be with one who loves themselves! Whom is radiant with joy of their own being-ness. It is so nourishing to be around someone like this.

Further, people with strong Jade Guardians present tend to nourish and build community all around them. They cannot help it. Think of Snow White moving through the world, singing her song with birds chirping, flowers sprouting at her feet and townspeople being so happy for her song. If you or someone you know has an innate gift for the Jade Guardian archetype, you may notice their expertise in event planning, story-telling, cooking beautiful dinners or expertly working the BBQ with dogs barking and children running all around. Others with strong Jade Guardian might tend to a beautiful garden or prefer to keep plants around to nurture. They might love singing for the sake of sharing song with themselves and others, or dancing for the sake of sharing such a joyful expression of self-love and play. Jade Guardians are playful! They nurture the community and children. This is true on the intra-personal level as well. They also nurture our inner community and inner children.

While some of us might gravitate more-so to the Red Guardian archetype and others to the Jade Guardian archetype, they both exist in each of us. Developing both the Red Guardian and Jade Guardian within us will allow us to access our deepest gifts to give the world. Though we may feel built to prefer one more than the other, there is nothing within us that prevents us from developing a sufficient balance in both, each aspect supporting the other to its fullest expression.   


Quick Origin Story: The concepts of Jade Guardian and Red Guardian both arose from creative implementation of therapy techniques pioneered by Eric Carrol over several decades of clinical practice. He created labels for these therapy approaches in order to bring them into his system of Compassionate Dialogue, which he created for his daughter, Kotomi, to help bring guidance, as a father loves to do! 

While the names of these archetypes have changed many times throughout their existence, there was a period where they were named Red Warrior and White Warrior, which included inspiration from the terms Red Chief and White chief, found in traditional indigenous cultures of Northern America, and perhaps while loosely related, these were the closest inspirations of existing archetypal naming conventions that he could find. Over time these terms evolved further and Miku and River added the terms Red Guardian and Jade Guardian, as inspired by the chakra system. This in turn helped bring in and clarify the inner dimension.

As with all things in Compassionate Dialogue, we hope these terms continue to evolve and improve with each practitioner's feedback and re-introduction to the practice.

See HERE for the original story of the Red Chief and the White Chief.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

V is for Vibrantly!

is for Vibrantly!

Welcome to the ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue.

We'll be introducing and welcoming you to the core concepts, inspiration, and philosophy behind The Way of Vibrantly, as well as Compassionate Dialogue and Isonomi.

We're starting with ~V~ because it was too much fun, and we couldn't resist! We may or may not go in order, but you can bet you'll get a lot of wonderful ideas to read about and think upon as the weeks progress. Ultimately, we'll compile all of these into a basics ABC's book to support teaching and learning. We're so excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!

This week's concept is Vibrantly! As in, The Way of Vibrantly or 道Vibrantly

道Vibrantly (also called The Way of Vibrantly) is a startup organization currently applying for 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status. Many of our team members have been active in their own practice for many years--some for over 40 years! However, bringing all these amazing people together in the same place has only just “officially” begun since July 2017.
We are an egalitarian, quasi-hierarchical, collaborative organization operating under a modified holacratic governance style.

Visit our The Way of Vibrantly menu to learn more details about our values and how we operate. We're thrilled to be experiencing, creating, supporting, and sharing social tools that help us & all beings get along better and vibrantly thrive! This blog is one of our ways of supporting all of this.

As always, please share any feedback or ideas with us that you have by emailing us at , or by leaving a comment below!

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