Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beltane 2018 Seasonal Greeting!

Greetings, Kitty Bunnies!
~ Beltane ~
:: Spring | Blossom | Radiance :: Return | Return | We Turn ::

~ Mantras of the Turn ~

"Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful, I Am"

"I trust my inner wisdom, I am the one who knows"


Beltane...the time of the year when the Earth is literally buzzing with renewal. Life springs forth in all of its richness; the land is covered with beautiful flowers, the freshly opened leaves have a quality of green that only shows during this season.

It is the time of year for celebrating life and all the pleasures of being alive! It is the time to acknowledge & honor the fertility inherent in all life.

Three Vibrantly Gifts of
Beltane & Blossoming


A Quote - 

''Call me by my True Name. Call me by my True Name. So that I can wake up the doors of compassion.''

- Thich Nhat Hanh

A Song -

"Stars" (Click!)

Shared at Social Forestry Camp and Beyond into Mystic Hearth by Elena, then Miku
(link above opens Drop Box player in a new window)


Story - 

''When she came from the waiting house she was a woman hit by lightning, a woman struck by wonder, a woman shaken with power, a woman filled with love.

She walked from the waiting house with a look on her face more potent than magic. Seeds of life glittered in her hair. She smiled and sang a song that told of love that knew no bounds, of love that demanded nothing and expected nothing but fulfilled everything."

- Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copperwoman  -  The Story of Tem Eyos Ki



Upcoming Events!

Litha Summer Solstice Community Event

Come be Cute Together! It's Litha and the accumulation of this year's abundance, ripeness, and fruitfulness! The Goddess Earth and Father Sun are in their most full expression of life.

We will have aerial silks set up, acro yoga, body movement dance and play, BBQ, tea pouring, drum circle and song share around a bonfire in the soft sands of Golden Gardens Beach. Honor yourself and your connection with life at the candlelit altar in the evening. All are welcome!

Please RSVP via the Facebook Page for the event here:
or email us for more info. Let us know if you will be bringing little ones.

You can also find more info via our Meet Up page is you prefer not to use Facebook:


Weekly Practice Schedule at Green Lake

Link To GPS Location:
9:30 am – 道Vibrantly Community Yoga
11:00 am – Compassionate Movement & Dialogue Practice

Announcements & Past Happenings:

What fun for Beltane! We met for Miku's Birthday and Beltane celebration at Green Lake. Sooooo amazing. Such incredible people and incredible energy.

Thank you for everyone who participated and helped!

Once again we had fire, friends, music, story and even ritual. Bringing back the Mystic Hearth wherever we go.

Gathering in the old way, with bright hearts and shining eyes.

Can't wait for Litha!
See you all again soon. 

Last big update and announcement is that we have a new MeetUp Site for people not FaceBook inclined!! You can find us here:

Also, we have entered the Social Media Threshold and now have a Twitter account and Instagram if you like such things, find us here:

Twitter -
Instagram -


May you have a beautiful Beltane Season and Bountiful Blossoming Time!
Talk with you again soon as the wheel turns toward Litha in June.

Love to you all, beautiful Kitty Bunnies! 

- Miku, Jordan & The 道 Vibrantly Team


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