Tuesday, May 8, 2018

V is for Vibrantly!

is for Vibrantly!

Welcome to the ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue.

We'll be introducing and welcoming you to the core concepts, inspiration, and philosophy behind The Way of Vibrantly, as well as Compassionate Dialogue and Isonomi.

We're starting with ~V~ because it was too much fun, and we couldn't resist! We may or may not go in order, but you can bet you'll get a lot of wonderful ideas to read about and think upon as the weeks progress. Ultimately, we'll compile all of these into a basics ABC's book to support teaching and learning. We're so excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!

This week's concept is Vibrantly! As in, The Way of Vibrantly or 道Vibrantly

道Vibrantly (also called The Way of Vibrantly) is a startup organization currently applying for 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status. Many of our team members have been active in their own practice for many years--some for over 40 years! However, bringing all these amazing people together in the same place has only just “officially” begun since July 2017.
We are an egalitarian, quasi-hierarchical, collaborative organization operating under a modified holacratic governance style.

Visit our The Way of Vibrantly menu to learn more details about our values and how we operate. We're thrilled to be experiencing, creating, supporting, and sharing social tools that help us & all beings get along better and vibrantly thrive! This blog is one of our ways of supporting all of this.

As always, please share any feedback or ideas with us that you have by emailing us at thewayofvibrantly@gmail.com , or by leaving a comment below!

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