Monday, November 26, 2018

Samhain Seasonal Wheel Greeting!

Greetings, Kitty Bunnies!



The End of Summer

:: Return, Return, We Turn :: Summer's End, Awakening Darkness ::

~ Mantras of the Turn ~

"My greatest teachers are the earth and sky, wind and sea"

"Gratitude and blessings to all beings above and below, and all around us"

Social Tools, Tips, and Tricks for 

Samhain & End of Summer

Three Simple and Incredibly Helpful Community Agreements for
Your Meetings, Organization Culture, and Community Gatherings:

1) We are all here to support each other as best we can

2) Assume positive intentions (given the above agreement)

3) Attend to impacts while setting healthy boundaries in a supportive way


Getting the right agreements are so important for successful organizations, relationships and interactions. Creating the right agreements for you is critical. We have found the above three agreements when used in a generally safe / cohesive group are really useful. And, bonus, they work awesome not just in working contexts, but also romantic partnerships ;)

What agreements have worked best for you? When you have had wonderful group or team interactions what spoken and unspoken rules were in place that helped to facilitate that? Even the act of creating agreements can help lead to more shared meaning and better group and relationship functioning.
Write us to tell us what you think!
We would love to hear from you:

Upcoming Events!

Blessings of the Wheel: Yuletide Feast & Candlelight Caroling


Sunday, December 9th, from 2-8pm
@Treehouse - Seattle, WA

(Free Community Event. All Welcome!)

See your Facebook Event Page here for more info: 

Or email us at to RSVP!

Vibrantly Teacher Training Weekend!

Friday-Sunday, Dec. 14-16 - Seattle, WA

For more information about our Vibrantly Teacher Training visit:

OmFlow Sufi Spiral Dance
Featuring Rachael Fairbanks & Hafizullah

November 27th, 8:30-11:30PM
@OmCulture Green Lake - 
Seattle, WA

(Suggested Donation of 5$, none turned away for lack of funds)

RSVP via emailing or visit our Facebook Event Here: 

Compassionate Conversations & Tea Meetup!
(10 Week Dialogue Practice Series)

Sundays from 1-3PM
@Revolutions Coffee - Seattle, WA

(Free Community Meetup. All Welcome!)

Email us at for more info or join our Meetup Group Here: 

See our Facebook Page for Information about the Current Series of Dialogue Practices. We are working through the CEO (Centered and Exhilarated Only Dialogue) 10 week series right now.

Facebook Event: 

CEO Dialogue Website:

Past Vibrantly Happenings

Mystic Hearth & Tea Pouring at Beloved Festival
Tidewater Falls, OR

We gathered for Beloved this year for our first time hosting the Mystic Hearth Tent. Offering sunset meditations, compassionate conversations and tea ceremony.
It was truly amazing and we are excited to do this again next year!

Vibrantly Yoga at
the West Coast Communities Conference

Sahale Ecovillage, Tahuya, WA

We offered morning yoga for the gathering! People came in the rain and sun.
Looking forward to bring more mindful movement there and everywhere.

Northern California Permaculture Convergence 
The Solar Living Center, Hopland, CA

We had a wonderful time traveling and assisting Tomi Hazel at the Northern California Permaculture Convergence. Hazel's talk was amazing! and her Social Forestry Workshop even more incredible. If you have access to Face Book you can watch the talk by clicking the link HERE. Otherwise, Hazel has many recordings of past talks on Social Forestry at her website for Sikyou Permaculture: 

Workshops & Storytelling at
the NW Permaculture Convergence 

Camp Singing Wind, Toledo, WA

We had a wonderful time at the Northwest Permaculture Convergence.
River, Joe and Miku attended along with many community members from the greater Seattle area. We saw lots of old friends and made new ones too!

River led a compassionate communication workshop based on Centered and Exhilarated Only Dialogue practices. More info on CEO Dialogue can be found by clicking 

Miku gave her first talk exploring Ecovillages and Eco-intentional living as it relates to the use of social tools. The talk was titled "Hawaii, Italy and the Northwest: Ecovillages, Permaculture Farms and Eco-intentional Communities"
HERE to access a .PDF of the slideshow!  

Love to you all, beautiful Kitty Bunnies Amazing Human Creatures! 

- Jordan, Miku & The 道 Vibrantly Team


The 道 Vibrantly Team
Ancient | Inspired | Authentic | Wild | Primal
道 Vibrantly - The Way of Vibrantly
Green Lake
Seattle, WA 98115
@: | 
#206.403.8134 | FB:
~ Relationships that honor, respect and cherish 
:: Interactions that inspire, replenish and nourish ~

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

S is for Slow Canary

is for Slow Canary 

Welcome, dear readers to another gripping edition of The ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue!

Today, it's time to go slow. Let's talk about the Slow Canary!

Slow Canary (SC herein) is one of the main canaries to first emerge from the group field, though it is just one little birdie in a whole flight of canary roles! We will get to those in future articles.

In a dialogue, one of the most critical aspects at play is its sense of cohesiveness (ease, enjoyment, flow, expansiveness), which we refer to as the We-Space.  The SC is often the least active role in the flow, and also is often the most integral. 

When the group is going slow enough to feel the resonance and dissonance in themselves and each other, optimal decisions can be made for the group in a replenishing manner.
Art by Kelsey A. Wyman

It is in going too fast during group interactions that things can become draining. Amazingly, going slow ends up being faster in the end! It may sound counter-intuitive, and in actuality the cohesion leads to fewer interruptions and a more even pace. 

Whoever is the most keen at sensing when the group is going too fast, missing a resonance or dissonance point, would be the best candidate to assign the role of SC, for that meeting.

In an ideal world, our interactions are replenishing, nourishing and inspiring.


meetings, gatherings and doing work would feel as nourishing and expansive as it does when we are enjoying coffee or tea with a close friend. 

The key to keeping things closer to that end of the spectrum is sometimes just to go slow (and there are other things too like bringing in humour -- but we will save that for the rest of the canary fleet). 
Bringing in a level of mindfulness into our meetings and interactions, and sharing language and culture for keeping things sometimes slower, and more fun (or at least less hard) can really help.

How do we actually do this at a workplace, house meeting or date with a friend who you might get into a heated debate space with? 


There are two ways we have come up with that you can try: 
the timer method, or the chime method. 

First, use your cell phone or a kitchen timer and set it for 7 minutes (you can vary the time depending on how intense the conversation is). Then whenever the timer goes off you can stop and take a slow breath in together. Or create some other shared ritual, like shaking it out, taking a stretch or maybe even a mini dance break! Anything goes as long as you stop (mid-sentence) and reconnect with yourself and each other. 

The idea is to try and remember what connects you. 
Why are you here? What is the bigger vision, goal, mission that connects you?
How can you consciously get back to a space of creativity, ease, and enjoyment together?
Is there something you can do to help things feel better right now for yourself or others in this moment? To support yourself or others better? (like making a fresh cup of tea, giving someone a sympathetic smile, or requesting to table a topic for a better time)

The second method is the chime method. This is where someone volunteers to keep track of the tone / energy level, and especially pace of the conversation. If it seems like people are starting to speed up and lose eachother, like someone is starting to get close to pink in the face (stop before red in the face), it might be time to signal the group to slow down. 

You can use any device you like such as signaling by ringing a gong, or a chime, or even singing a song! Anything works, and it is up to your group to create the shared tradition around this that works best for you. At Vibrantly we use a tibetan singing bowl because it is so relaxing it is hard to feel too upset at anything after just a few chimes.

The SC reminds us to return. Return to our center. To find balance, and take pause to reflect on what emotions we are feeling, what sensations in the body. It gives us just a little bit of a break to self-regulate and shift our own energies indivudally and collectively.

We would love to hear how this is working for you? Or what strategies you have come up with for your group or partnership! Leave your comments below or email us at

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

R is for Resonance and Dissonance

is for Resonance & Dissonance

By: River Soulshine, Miku M. Lenentine, R. Eric Desselle &  J. D. I. Archaelia L.

Time again now for another edition of The ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue!

In our last update we explored the concept of rage. Today we continue our research and development with ~R~ & ~D~ !

This brings us to the sweetly important ideas of resonance and dissonance. These musical sounding ideas are a deeply integral part of working within the WE-Space.

Often when communicating our internal processes to the external world, it can feel quite complex to consolidate it all down into words. In our toolbox, there is a very special social tool & concept that we know as Resonance/Dissonance. This tool is a good way of sharing multiple feelings, even potentially contradictory ones, with one another. Resonance and Dissonance can be expressed verbally, as well as through hand signals.

Let's go a little more into what these words can mean!

Resonance is when your body (and, eventually your whole being) is feeling in alignment. It is what your intuition knows to be true for you, and in the same vein, that which feels "good". Resonance is when our bodies are saying "yes", and (most of the time) our minds agree!

Strong resonance may even feel like you can fly! On the extreme side, this is the feeling of "shining eyes," the sensation of being in alignment with our gifts, dharma and life purpose.
Resonance feels Expansive, Light, Open, Inspiring

Dissonance, conversely, is when your body (and, sometimes your whole being) feels out of alignment. It is what your intuition knows to be not true for you, and in the same vein, that which does not feel good. Dissonance is when our bodies are saying "no," and (most of the time) our minds  agree.

Strong dissonance can often feel heavy, associated with tightening sensations and general discomfort (though not always).
Dissonance feels Constricted, Closed, Not-Quite-Right

Most often, we will feel Resonance and Dissonance at the same time, and they are also not always mathematically equivalent for many people. For instance, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 10 Res may not feel higher than 10 Diss -- the scale is helpful, but it is still an intrinsic and subjective value for each person.

Let’s apply Resonance and Dissonance to an example! Suppose someone is moving out of an intentional co-housing situation, and that you're living there with them. If this person needs to move out by the end of the month, you might feel happy for them (Resonance) because their decision is supporting their path. You might also feel sad (Dissonance) because you will miss their joyful presence and you won't know how to fill the room. Allowing for the experience of both Resonance and Dissonance is important. Humans are complex creatures. We can feel both happy and sad. We can strongly resonate with something, and have strong dissonance too!

In some cases, we are not able to feel Resonance and Dissonance. When one cannot feel Resonance or Dissonance (say zero Resonance and zero Dissonance) this is often an indicator that this person is flooded or overwhelmed, and they do not currently have access to their feeling-self. In these situations, it's a great idea to post-pone important decisions until more time can be made for the person to integrate their experience and arrive at a feeling or sensation about what they most want to do.

Resonance/Dissonance is very helpful for coming into dialogue with ourselves and each other and supporting clear communication around boundaries and wishes. They are especially helpful for decision making from the We-Space.

For quick decisions, you can take a "thumbs" poll to determine the general level of Resonance or Dissonance. But for more complex decisions, full Resonance/Dissonance Rounds are critical. Res/Diss Rounds are an important process for egalitarian decision-making from the We-Space.

That's all for today, cutest kitten-pups! Stay tuned for our next article on Egalitarian Decision Making From the We-Space (Coming Soon) for more details on how this works!

Until next time, this has been another lovingly-curated edition of The ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue!
-Team 道 Vibrantly 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

R is for Rage

Related image

is for Rage!

By: River Soulshine, Miku M. Lenentine, R. Eric Desselle &  J. D. I. Archaelia L.

Today we continue through the ABC's of Compassionate Dialogue.

We're now exploring the letter ~R~ 
--our standard bearer for words like radiance, and the color of blood & passion, red.

Rage is an emotion often mistaken for anger, or hate. It is an emotion signaling to us (usually in a very obvious way) that we have left center. We may experience a blinding sensation, tightening of the body, deep feeling of constriction, heat rising to the face. And there are many levels. Frustration is a mild version of rage, but ultimately they are the same.
Rage is when we feel like something destructive is happening to us.
When we feel like something destructive is taking place, our natural instinct is to be upset and to desire to fight back in some way. This is a very natural and healthy response to having something destructive happen to you. As we move toward cultivating a healthy ego, we can say, "Hey! I do not deserve to have destructive things happen to me. I am an amazing human being. I do not deserve to have bad things happen to me."

On the other side of things, rage can be very subtle. When we are not getting the love we want to receive, and momentarily forget that we are always worthy of getting the love we want to receive--this can feel very bad. When our amygdala forgets this core component of self-love and someone is not giving us the love we want to receive, it can feel like they are hating us. Or at least a part of us may feel this way--though again, this is very subtle, and most people would prefer not to acknowledge that this experience is occurring.

Often times you can see a child not getting the love they want to receive and they may yell, “I hate you!" They are feeling like something destructive is happening to them; it is natural and authentically upsetting to experience this kind of pain (and for some it can feel like an attack!).

It is at this moment that they are expressing their rage that they have forgotten they deserve to receive the love they want. When we forget we deserve love, or forget to allow ourselves to be worthy of love, it is the biggest violation of all. Such a violation is too hard to bear and this is where we choose to suppress our feelings in our body, building on detours and in-roads that help us to survive in a dissociated and suppressed fight/flight state. That may sound terrible, and it is.
"....I do not deserve to have destructive things happen to me. I am an amazing human being. I do not deserve to have bad things happen to me."
With healthy anger we can get back to unsuppressing so that we can realize how much rage is underneath, in order that we may process it. To be honest, most often the majority of the clarity we are seeking with feelings of anger, is regaining the knowledge that we deserve to be loved in the way we wish to receive love. Clarity is really a return to knowingness and center. A return to remembering we are loved.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Beltane 2018 Seasonal Greeting!

Greetings, Kitty Bunnies!
~ Beltane ~
:: Spring | Blossom | Radiance :: Return | Return | We Turn ::

~ Mantras of the Turn ~

"Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful, I Am"

"I trust my inner wisdom, I am the one who knows"


Beltane...the time of the year when the Earth is literally buzzing with renewal. Life springs forth in all of its richness; the land is covered with beautiful flowers, the freshly opened leaves have a quality of green that only shows during this season.

It is the time of year for celebrating life and all the pleasures of being alive! It is the time to acknowledge & honor the fertility inherent in all life.

Three Vibrantly Gifts of
Beltane & Blossoming


A Quote - 

''Call me by my True Name. Call me by my True Name. So that I can wake up the doors of compassion.''

- Thich Nhat Hanh

A Song -

"Stars" (Click!)

Shared at Social Forestry Camp and Beyond into Mystic Hearth by Elena, then Miku
(link above opens Drop Box player in a new window)


Story - 

''When she came from the waiting house she was a woman hit by lightning, a woman struck by wonder, a woman shaken with power, a woman filled with love.

She walked from the waiting house with a look on her face more potent than magic. Seeds of life glittered in her hair. She smiled and sang a song that told of love that knew no bounds, of love that demanded nothing and expected nothing but fulfilled everything."

- Anne Cameron, Daughters of Copperwoman  -  The Story of Tem Eyos Ki



Upcoming Events!

Litha Summer Solstice Community Event

Come be Cute Together! It's Litha and the accumulation of this year's abundance, ripeness, and fruitfulness! The Goddess Earth and Father Sun are in their most full expression of life.

We will have aerial silks set up, acro yoga, body movement dance and play, BBQ, tea pouring, drum circle and song share around a bonfire in the soft sands of Golden Gardens Beach. Honor yourself and your connection with life at the candlelit altar in the evening. All are welcome!

Please RSVP via the Facebook Page for the event here:
or email us for more info. Let us know if you will be bringing little ones.

You can also find more info via our Meet Up page is you prefer not to use Facebook:


Weekly Practice Schedule at Green Lake

Link To GPS Location:
9:30 am – 道Vibrantly Community Yoga
11:00 am – Compassionate Movement & Dialogue Practice

Announcements & Past Happenings:

What fun for Beltane! We met for Miku's Birthday and Beltane celebration at Green Lake. Sooooo amazing. Such incredible people and incredible energy.

Thank you for everyone who participated and helped!

Once again we had fire, friends, music, story and even ritual. Bringing back the Mystic Hearth wherever we go.

Gathering in the old way, with bright hearts and shining eyes.

Can't wait for Litha!
See you all again soon. 

Last big update and announcement is that we have a new MeetUp Site for people not FaceBook inclined!! You can find us here:

Also, we have entered the Social Media Threshold and now have a Twitter account and Instagram if you like such things, find us here:

Twitter -
Instagram -


May you have a beautiful Beltane Season and Bountiful Blossoming Time!
Talk with you again soon as the wheel turns toward Litha in June.

Love to you all, beautiful Kitty Bunnies! 

- Miku, Jordan & The 道 Vibrantly Team


The 道 Vibrantly Team
Ancient | Inspired | Authentic | Wild | Primal
道 Vibrantly - The Way of Vibrantly
6900 East Greenlake Way N.
Seattle, WA 98115
@: | 
#206.403.8134 | FB:
~ Relationships that honor, respect and cherish 
:: Interactions that inspire, replenish and nourish ~

CEO Memory Share

"A raft needed to cross the river is discarded when the other shore is reached." - Buddha Intro to the CEO Memory Share Tool ...